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Brian Weinberger received a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degree from St John’s University in New York. He received his Juris Doctor degree from Whitter College School of Law in Los Angeles. He has been licensed to practice law since June 1992.In addition to his law practice Mr. Weinberger has been a court appointed arbitrator as well as a Judge Pro Team and is active in several trial lawyers associations specializing in Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Cases. In addition, due to his reputation for success in Criminal Defense, especially DUI cases?, Mr. Weinberger has been invited to speak at seminars on defending a DUI case.

Personal Injury

Any accident or incident in which you or another were injured or damaged in any way.All Personal Injury cases are done on a contingency bases which means that there are no attorney fees due until the case settles.
Did you get hurt in an accident? We recover money damages for injuries, from any type of accident, and this includes medical costs, lost earnings, and other types of damages. And if we do not recover money for you, you owe us nothing.
If you were involved in ANY incident such as a car accident, motorcycle accident, trip and fall, construction site accident or any other type of accident in which you were injured, you have rights which must be protected you are entitled to receive medical for your injuries as well as monetary compensation on all your losses.
We have been handling automobile accident cases for over 25 years and know what it takes to get you the maximum settlement for your injuries and damages. We take care of all of the documents necessary related to your Personal Injury claim. The only responsibility you have is to recover from your injuries and to keep us informed as to how your injuries have affected your enjoyment of life so that we can get you all of the compensation that you are entitled to.

Criminal Defense

We handle all types of Misdemeanor and Felony cases including DUI’s, Spousal Abuse, Hit and Run, Burglary, Robbery, Rape and Murder. We aggressively fight these cases on behalf of our clients and had much success in protecting their rights. We look closely at each individual cases and find ways to provide the best defense possible.
We have become known as experts in the defense of DUI cases and fight these cases hard by bringing motions and utilizing expert witnesses in winning these cases.
We understand the stress involved in being charged with a crime and do all we can to minimize that stress by working hard and keeping you informed on the progress of your case.
We offer very competitive rates for our services and provide for payment plans.

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