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I am a past client who received legal consultation from the Brian Weinberger Law Offices regarding my criminal law case last year. I received a DUI early last year, only a few months after I immigrated to the USA from South Korea and I was so embarrassed and horrified that I didn’t know what to do or how to deal with that problem. At that time, my blood alcohol was pretty high and I was involved in a vehicle accident so I was in panic. Then, one of my friends recommended Brian Weinberger Law office to deal with the issue saying that the Law Office is very well-known for its success in criminal defense and vehicle accident related cases including DUIs.

I had the first consultation with Ms. jenny and she listened to my case patiently with sincere sympathy. She answered every single question I asked and tried to reassure me. I thought the service fee was really reasonable so I decided to hand over my legal case to them. Since then, they have kept me updated on how the case has been going and made sure that things were going well. Through many personal consultations and meetings with my lawyer, they aggressively and thoroughly investigated the case and tried their best to win the best outcome. I did not have to attend the first trial at the court but I decided to go and was accompanied by my attorney.

At court, everything was very professionally handled. The prosecutor and my attorney seemed to know each other so they discussed the issue and appealed the judge to resolve the case without any issues. Thanks to them, my case was closed smoothly with a good verdict. I was only charged the minimum fine and all other penalties were dropped. Instead, I was only required to take some classes, which was very short. I am so grateful that I met Mr. Weinberger. Not only was he a great attorney, but I believe that he is also a very trustworthy and warm-hearted person.

Again, I would like to thank the attorney, Mr. Weinberger and his staff at the law office.

-From C. Jang, Los, Angeles CA

I cannot thank The Law Offices of Brian Weinberger enough for their superb representation, and especially Vickey Lee’s outstanding customer service. Ms. Lee always responded to me in a timely manner and treated me as if I was her only client. She is a true seasoned professional who understood what course of action should be followed at every step of the way. Mr. Weinberger’s ability to thoroughly communicate what was happening with my case in a concise and understandable manner is something that made the entire experience more pleasant than one would expect after a car accident. Mr. Weinberger fought for my interests in a very dedicated fashion, and the achieved result has allowed me to recover from my injuries and receive adequate compensation. I would highly recommend The Law Offices Brian Weinberger to anyone who might be in a car accident and needs proper representation.

-From A. Kang

The Law Offices of Brian Weinberger was wonderful at handling my case. His assistant, Joyce made me feel at ease and I never once was worried or was concerned about their attention to my case. Their office constantly updated me with all the details. Mr. Weinberger was honest and open about my case and very friendly to speak with. His staff respected my work schedule and spoke with me often afterhours. The service and attention to detail only assured me that Brian Weinberger is the only law firm I am willing to go to.

-From D. Chai, Los Angeles CA

Brian Weinberger has represented me and my family for over 10 years. He is extremely professional, committed to our case and consistently takes the time to walk me through each situation as honestly as possible. Additionally the staff is wonderful and answers all my questions with patience, expertise and professionalism each and every time. I highly recommend Brian Weinberger. You won’t regret it!

-From C. Jun, Burbank CA

In August 2011, I was involved in a car accident. My father’s friend referred me to The Law Offices of Brian Weinberger after “flawless” experiences working with them. I was skeptical at first, but in retrospect, going to Brian Weinberger was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I called and spoke to Vickey Lee. She had a knack for making me feel confident in my case. Her excellent customer service was reassuring. She made sure the entire process was stress-free, and her responses to my calls were prompt and professional. I could always count on her to answer my million questions via telephone. Her professionalism never ceased to impress me. I appreciated that she didn’t treat me as just another client. She would always call back to touch base and update me on the status of my case.

Would I come back? Definitely, without a doubt in my mind. Not only that, I plan to refer all my friends and family to The Law Offices of Brian Weinberger!

-From Diane Kwon, Fullerton CA

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